Vlogr Review – Traditional Marketing Videos DON’T Work Anymore!

Vlogr Review: It’s a comprehensive program on vlogging for business – something no one is talking about in our circles but is really trendy nowadays. Vlogr OTO by Cham Altatis.


Vlogr Review

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Introduction Of Vlogr Review!

This is my step by step guide for business owners like you, whatever your business is, on how to create HIGHLY engaging business vlogs that your audience is craving to watch.

In the training, I did not just talk about theories but demonstrated how to start a vlog for a real local business and my brand new digital business.

I also added awesome bonuses such as greenscreen vlogging, animated graphics pack for vlogging, as well as characters and backgrounds.

Vlogr Review – OVERVIEW


Сrеаtоr: Cham Altatis
Рrоԁuсt: Vlogr
Lаunсһ Dаtе: 2019-Nov-27
Lаunсһ Тіmе: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $27
Sale Page: >>> Click Here <<<
Niche: Video
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ: Ніgһlу Rесоmmеnԁеԁ
Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How Effective Is Vlogr For Business?

There are lots of case studies that show how vlogging gave exponential growth to a business. Read the following snippet from an article of markgrowth.com about Gary Vaynerchuk…

Start Learning How to Vlogr for Your Business Right Now!

Need a step by step guide in crafting amazing stories, shooting and editing your videos, and then publishing them for the world to see?

  • Vlogging ESSENTIALS
  • Vlogging for A Local Business
  • Vlogging for Digital Products
  • “Hollywood Style” Story Telling
  • Visual Story Telling
  • Greenscreen Vlogging
  • Vlogging Animated Graphics Pack
  • Animated Characters & Backgrounds

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What’s Inside Vlogr?

To ensure your success in Vlogging for your business, whoever you are and whatever your situation is, I included amazing MODULES and LESSONS plus BONUSES.


Module 1 is all about the essentials of vlogging. I talked about what is vlogging really and how to plan for a business vlog. Here, I also added my interview with a local business owner that includes how I coached him to vlog for his business.



Module 2 is actually the heart of this program. In this module, I showed how to structure a story for vlogs – this is what Hollywood movies are using for effective story-telling. I also talked about elements of an effective story and how to deliver them in a vlog.



Although vlogging is not really about creating an award-winning video, learning the things of video production and visual storytelling can really help in creating vlogs that work. This module is packed with technical topics but I presented them in a fun way (because vlogging should be FUN!)



I thought of making Vlogr even SEXIER so I also added bonuses. Here, I showed how to vlog using greenscreen talking head video (in case that’s something they want to do), I added a vlogging animated graphics pack and showed how to add them to their vlogs, and also added animated characters and backgrounds, which can be used as animated B-rolls, or even a full animated vlog.


So How Much is Vlogr?

And when I first had this idea of creating a step-by-step guide on vlogging for business, I was thinking just doing it as a consultation service to companies and charge them like $1000.

But I realized I will only be able to help a few companies if I do so.

I then just decided to create an entire course around it and let more people come in to learn how to vlog for their business.

And with all the valuable things I’m showing inside that can really give exponential growth to businesses, I’m thinking of charging an enrollment fee of $497, which I’ll soon do actually.

But I want to help as many business owners as possible so, for a limited time, I decided to open this at a ridiculously affordable price that you can see below…

You Can’t Let This Go!


And if you’re thinking to let this pass, you will end up going back to traditional video marketing strategies that no longer work.

Your competitors will then learn to vlog and you will be left behind.

You don’t want this to happen to you so better join us now.

I want you to build a better relationship with your audience and grow your business exponentially for the long term while having fun at the same time.

And you can surely achieve all these, by enrolling in Vlogr.

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Vlogr Comes With A Risk-Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


All The Vlogr Front-End & OTO Links Below!

Front End:            >>> Vlogr – FE <<<
OTO 1:           >>> Vlogr UpVid OTO 1 <<<
OTO 2:     >>> Vlogr Consultation OTO 2 <<<

All The Vlogr Front-End & OTO Details & Prices:

Front End : Vlogr – ($27 – $47)

OTO 1 : Vlogr UpVid OTO 1 – ($27/month or $49.95/quarter)

Video stocks, overlays, animations, elements, templates, etc. for your vlogs – new stocks added monthly.

OTO 2: Vlogr Consultation OTO 2 – ($97)

Vlogr Consultation – A premium coaching on how to offer vlogging consultation to businesses.

Vlogr Review – Conclusion

Thanks For Reading This Vlogr Review Overview. I Hope You Like This and Don’t Forget To Share It With Your Friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this newbie-friendly?
A: I created the training with the beginners in mind, so yeah, this is surely a newbie-friendly.

Q: Can you guarantee my success?
A: As long as you apply the strategies inside, your success is 99.9% guaranteed. But if you just watch the training videos and do nothing, of course, nothing will happen as well.

Q: Do I need professional cameras & software to follow along?
A: No. As long as you have a smartphone, you can already follow along and afford to vlog.

Q: I’m not good at talking in front of a camera, will this work for me?
A: I’m not either but I’m successfully vlogging, so yeah, I’m your BEST teacher for this.

Q: Can you help me when I get stuck?
A: Absolutely! We have a private FB group where you can hang out with me and other members, for us to help you when having concerns.